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Proglobe Media Techsys is a symbiosis of bulk technical knowledge and rich practical experience. Experts of the company are engaged in the development and use of high-performance equipment for cryptocurrency mining, primarily Bitcoin. Among our tools, there are standard ASIC miners for home use and powerful mining plants for SHA-256 and Scrypt hashing of both our own production and the use of market leaders: ASICMiner, RockMiner, Bitmain, Avalon and BitCrane. Due to the presence of three centers for data processing in the UK, Proglobe Media Techsys also enhances the diversification of its activities and promptly updates software and hardware.

Partnership Programme

Of course, the emergence and development of Proglobe Media Techsys would not be possible without the involvement of hundreds of partners around the world who are actively promoting the idea of our company. This enables them to earn extra income in the form of a two-tier partnership commission. We, in turn, provide the possibility of such earnings to everyone. To do this, you just need to register on the website.

Hundreds of representatives from all over the world

Want to learn more about the company in your native language? Despite the fact that our platform is multilingual, probably you would like to receive the necessary advice from your compatriots. This is possible due to hundreds of representatives of globalsmedia, a wide network of which is represented in dozens of countries. Contact details, as well as conditions for assignment of a representative status, can be found on our website in the relevant section.

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Future of Digital Cryptocurrency Globalsmedia is a modern day alternative to bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first digital currency to open an alternative to the system of global payments as we know it was created in 2009. Its rapid success as a decentralized currency has been due to its ability to be sent directly, peer-to-peer, like a text message or an email, to anywhere in the world in an instant at virtually no cost – without intermediaries, banks, clearing houses or central repositories. No payment limits apply and no personal data need to be provided. All transactions are anonymous and irreversible – no more chargebacks. Initially, people could produce (mine) bitcoins using their home computers – those who did, made a fortune as the price of a bitcoin increased from 10 cents to over 1,200 dollars in 2012-2013. Since then, the cost and difficulty of mining bitcoins have skyrocketed. The massive capital investment required today has put mining bitcoins way beyond the reach of the vast majority of people. The days of easy money from bitcoin mining are gone forever. Recognizing the need for a professional new digital currency, Globalsmedia Special has created Cryptocurrency , seen as a modern day alternative to bitcoin, for use by millions of people worldwide. globalsmedia now invites individuals to participate in our completely automated mining service. You can get started without massive computing power or any prior experience.



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